Sturdy high sensitivity, Sony micro-camera A7S detailed evaluation

Sony α7S Sony introduced a third full-frame single micro TM camera, and the camera previously introduced two products, the main direction of A7S is a video shoot. Also adopted a new specification of the sensor, the pixels is reduced to 12.2 million, while the maximum sensitivity can be achieved ISO409600, is one of the highest sensitivity of the camera, this evaluation is to say Sony Micro single TMA7S camera features.

A first post-test assessment

Sony Micro single TMA7S flagship video capture, though in appearance with other A7 series cameras the same, but the function of the bias is entirely different. A7S support 4K shooting, you need an external recording device with 4K support bit rates XAVC S format, video capture functionality by adding more professional options. Practicality is very high.

As a camera, Sony Micro single TMA7S sensor uses a new specification, not only to meet the video shoot, when the photo was taken is equally a strength, the maximum sensitivity reached 409,600, which is the highest current digital camera sensitivity specifications. Is no reverse camera first ISO reach 409,600 products. This can also be seen in Sony deployed on A7 series, A7 balanced performance, A7R flagship high-pixel, A7S main video and high sensitivity. For different market to the same type of three products.

Sony Micro single TMA7S very prominent selling point, but the feature is not prominent camera functions, focusing on high-sensitivity shooting, making this camera after using automatic ISO, you can shoot more freely, without the need to care too much ambient light limit . A7 compared to the other two products, the features of camera functions is obvious, night shot function needs to be very fond of friends Sony Micro single TMA7S.

Second, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S local details

Sony’s latest about 12.2 million effective pixel full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor, gapless chip lens technology to improve the photographic capabilities of the sensor, making this the highest sensitivity sensor can reach ISO409600, is one of the highest sensitivity camera , and another one with ISO409600 specification camera is Nikon D4S, would be below the sensitivity test for comparison of these two products. ISO409600 what is the use? Is able in a little bit of light handheld shooting will not shake blur. And A7S is a video dedicated machines, the advantages of high-sensitivity high-definition video shoot when there is a better play.

In appearance, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S styling is no difference with the other two products are very rigid design, with straight line, that some of the function keys and the turntable are also provided, and can be manipulated to achieve the SLR camera the same standards, provides nine customizable buttons, each function can be set to a key. Very convenient.

Sony Micro single ™ A7S interface is very complete and includes support for 4K lossless HDMI output interface, monitor and external microphone jack. In addition, A7S also comes standard with anti-pull interface box to prevent accidental interface to connect a number of external devices when used off. Details can be viewed Sony Micro single ™ A7S out of the box diagram Tour.

Sony Micro single ™ A7S comes standard with two batteries, the battery model is a single micro ™ camera the same years NP-FW50, strong commonality of visibility, two batteries are not out to provide a better video capture endurance, while also provide data cable and charger charging two programs, which A7 treatment in the other two products is not.

Third, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S Features

1, Silent shooting

Sony Micro single ™ A7S new features focused on video, so few new features on the camera, in addition to high sensitivity extend outside, you mute function more representative of the shooting. And other brands silent mode, the shutter does not modify the movement to achieve, A7S mute shutter shooting is absolutely no action to shoot only powered by the sensor records the way, so there is no sound during shooting. This is a great breakthrough.

Silent shooting can be used in many places, for example in the shooting conferences, concerts and other occasions, shot entirely not occur more suitable for this occasion. The above video you can see, the mute A7S shot after pressing the shutter button, click on the picture frame finished shooting, mechanical shutter and will not participate in the shooting. So to achieve a silent shooting. Of course Sony Micro single ™ A7S silent shooting mode is limited, in silent mode, the minimum ISO of 100, can not be extended downward, you can not use flash photography, you can not use a picture profiles and more. Silent mode can only be shooting pictures infrastructure mode.

2, Picture Profiles

Picture profiles are used to adjust the picture latitude, S-Log2 gamma setting function, the ability to expand the dynamic range of about 1300%, reducing overexposure and lack of dark portions of the phenomenon. Sony Micro single ™ A7S is the configuration file to adjust the picture settings. But at the highest PP7 options, the lowest ISO 3200, for shooting video some restrictions.

Image profile feature is a new feature for the video shoot, you can keep the details as much as possible to improve the picture tolerance. Low saturation partial gray screen, and then in post-production for retouching. This feature can also be used to take pictures, but the minimum inconvenience ISO3200 does shoot on. Although A7S under ISO3200 there is not much noise, but when shooting in daylight requires subtraction light microscopy in order to use a large aperture shot.

Fourth, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S basis of test

Sony Micro single biggest upgrade ™ A7S photographed aspects that enhance the high sensitivity, the highest ISO409600 people have to think of the first to realize the camera Nikon D4S, these two products for comparison is an interesting thing. We are all full-frame products, but also the pixels are not prominent product is assessed by the two products. Noise at low light-sensitive two machines are well under control, the Nikon D4S some more clean. And we look at the highest ISO, Nikon D4S will find the highest two tranches under ISO Sony Micro single ™ A7S have a worse effect, the picture is grainy and strong, and there is significant color cast. But in most of the sensitivity, the Nikon D4S able to maintain a high purity of the screen until the ISO higher than 102,400, have significantly reduced image quality. A7S is when the ISO higher than 6400, there is obvious noise, but the roughness of the picture and not because of the improvement and substantial ISO worse, even under ISO409600, the picture is still a certain practicality, grainy can endure.

Details of the performance, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S in full ISO range can maintain good sharpness, and not because of the sensitivity increase, decline in quality and softens the details, even the highest ISO shooting, the letters on the memory still recognizable. In contrast, the Nikon D4S obvious signs of high sensitivity noise reduction, do not erase the picture detail, more powerful.

Solid screen easier to see under the difference between the two. Sony Micro single ™ A7S noise at lower ISO when it appeared, but in ISO continuous improvement process, the particles did not have much to increase the screen, while the Nikon D4S in ISO51200 less able to maintain a high purity, but in the ultra-high ISO, image quality drops significantly, and full screen pseudo-color, practicality low.

Hoya develops high-precision lens processing technology, can improve focus accuracy

Japanese optical equipment maker Hoya (HOYA Corporation) developed an improved focusing accuracy shooting zoom digital camera lens. Hoya company improve the machining accuracy of the lens thickness of the intermediate portion. Focus will be used to reduce the errors alleged to multi-piece lens when the current product is 1/5. Hoya said first mass production will begin in August, and strive to achieve within two years of production 2 million per month.

Digital camera lens to be used more generally lenses, if it is a high-performance zoom lenses 10-20 will be used up. Allegedly, the processing now 35mm lens diameter, the maximum deviation of the center of the thickest portion of the lens may reach 0.05mm, the development of new lens Hoya deviation is reduced to 0.01mm.

Lens for digital camera is often used as a glass material with a square cut after grinding was punched into a circle. By adjusting the thickness of the lens is then polished to form a convex mirror.

Hoya through improved stamping process, the grinding decline to the current 1/3 less. Polished reduced, so that the processing of the lens can be the center of the thickest part of the lens.

Hoya will present new products and products with the same price. At present the digital camera manufacturers are by adjusting the lens to correct the internal mechanical structure focus error, but by using the new lens, camera manufacturers to design interchangeable lens camera will be easier.

500px light field camera supports direct upload photos

According to foreign media reports, 500px photo sharing website announced that the site will support the second generation Lytro light field camera Illum unique “‘Living Pictures” format image upload feature.

2nd generation light field cameras Illum will start selling in the next few weeks, is expected sale price $ 1,599. If you are a member of 500px, and before the July 31 scheduled, you will receive a $ 250 discount on the purchase price of $ 1,349.

Illum equipped with dial four times larger than the previous generation 1-inch sensor, shutter speed can reach 1/4000 seconds, with a 4-inch touch screen can be,30-250mm, f/2.0 large aperture lens, two adjustable disk (default is used to set the exposure and ISO, but the user can customize customized), and for providing a visual depth to help the histogram Lytro button.

But light field technology is still in its infancy, Illum changes and enhancements in appearance, configuration, and 3D effects may gradually fade it expensive reality, it looks more value for money.

Luxury equipment, Centennial limited edition Leica M on sale in Japan

According to Japanese media reports, the agency recently launched in Japan a centennial edition Leica M camera.

Leica M (Type 240) Centennial limited edition, overall sales of 500 units. Among black and white version, each with 250 units. The limited edition version with ordinary biggest difference is that the former top shoe printed with Centennial icon, looks more refined.

Leica M has the “flagship” location, it is equipped with 24 million pixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and joined the Live View Live View function, the LCD screen on the back of the fuselage with a Gorilla glass 920,000-pixel LCD screen, the overall configuration is good .

As a limited edition of the top digital camera, its position clear. Those readers who have a first-class purchasing power, you can consider purchasing it.

Olympus OM-D in September released a new machine

Olympus incorporated in 2012 and began using the “OM-D” mark, then launched the E-M5 officially opened the high-end Olympus M4 / 3 camera without anti-era. Now OM-D has, including the flagship E-M1 and compact E-M10, including 3 products. Feedback from the public’s point of view, OM-D series products have gained a good reputation, which is more determined to continue to enrich the Olympus product line determination.

According 43R news, now available through two credible sources that Olympus will launch a new generation of OM-D in September of this year’s Photokina exhibition organized. Although it is still no more news flow, but presumably from the product cycle, it should be E-M5 successor models.

Focus speed class, Sony A6000 buy Raiders

Part.1 Why buy Sony A6000?

Sony A6000 is a work in good faith, as a mid-no trans, it is able to meet almost all your needs. More than 20 million pixels, Sony is currently the fastest focus, as well as beauty and automatic self-patterning can meet my sister. Moreover, it sets machines only sell $ 640, compared with NEX-6 just listed can be much cheaper. Well worth buying!

Compared to the Sony NEX-6, upgrade points A6000 very much. Pixel upgrade from the previous 16.1 million to 24.3 million, almost equal in the end SLR; second and α7/α7R it uses the same image processor BIONZ X, sensitivity range extends to ISO 100-25600, painted in dark light conditions quality can capture clear and stable high-definition video; cool upgrade fast hybrid auto-focus system that includes 179 high-precision phase detection point and 25-point AF contrast can be enhanced object tracking feature and can capture screen any fast-moving objects; additionally equipped with NFC capabilities, which is the next big trend in camera development.

Part.2 where to buy Sony A6000?

Currently Sony A6000 (16-50mm) kit lowest whole network at 1 store mall for $ 728. The following are other electricity providers offer.

Sony A6000 (16-50mm) kit Jingdong offer $ 800.

Sony A6000 (16-50mm) kit Suning quoted $ 750.

Sony A6000 (16-50mm) kit Gome quoted $ 798.

“Buy you good goods” by the next generation of micro-channel single-commodity also offers 3% on the basis of all electricity providers (such as Jingdong, the United States, etc.) on the original price.

All store delivery, import all products with votes. Aftermarket problem we can help you, the mall is responsible for sale. We will help you with our account orders, delivery can be, if your area does not support cash on delivery, the staff will be your own electricity suppliers account for the next single, after a good shot requires you to pay out of pocket. We will not disclose your account password and other operations. After rebates are free to change your password.

Part.3 Sony A6000 glasses Raiders

Generally, sets of machines equipped with E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS enough to use, the volume is relatively small, the focal length is also very affordable, everyday and travel can manage. But if you want to shoot a bokeh effect, the proposed purchase of an E 50mm F1.8 OSS lens oh. Also, if you need to travel a large telephoto shooting distant scenery, it is recommended to buy a mirror world suits, matching the lens to E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS, anti-shake performance is good, but not suitable for portable carry. If you love street shooting, then the E 35mm F1.8 OSS is a good choice.

E 50mm F1.8 OSS Lens Price $ 304

E 35mm F1.8 OSS Lens Price $ 443

A6000 a mirror world kit (E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS) Price $ 1678

Part.4 Sony A6000 Accessories

Bought a camera, we all need to buy those accessories it? First, the card is certainly not small, it is recommended to buy 8G or 16G is enough; UV lens also proposed purchase, is mainly used to protect the lens; another must come to a camera bag, depending on your personal preferences and the number of lenses to choose like; many of my friends worry about the battery charge power, in fact A6000 via USB charging, you just need to be able to carry a charge treasure charge, do not buy a second battery; As a tripod or other learning some time to buy it. The following are specific recommendations:

Memory Card: SanDisk 16GB Class10. Generally 8G and 16G have been sufficient, and very affordable.

UV Mirror: The main purpose is to protect your UV mirror lens, I am more forgetful, afraid to go out outdoor photo with the lens cap to lose, so they simply do not bring it. At this time a UV role on the show, it is a good way to protect my camera! But I suggest that you buy a cheap UV lens can be a challenge, but also pay attention to the size of UV mirror lens fits your size.

Camera bag: If not for a long time to bear, you can buy cute shoulder bag or package; But if takes a long time to bear, plus there are several lenses only if, it is recommended to buy a shoulder bag, back up higher comfort Some. Recommend this Rhema EMB-D2330, relatively affordable.

Tripod: While I personally think that just started to learn photography tripod is not required, but if you want to buy a place of attachment, or what you intend to shoot the stars, you may need a tripod. IT15 recommended here Benro tripod travel reflexed, very lightweight, and can be five seconds turned monopod.

Canon EOS M2 push Gulf blue color version by designer

Female users are no anti-camera EOS M product line mainly target consumer groups, released at the beginning of Canon Canon EOS M2 will take this into account, first priority to launch the white version, and subsequently launched in the domestic black and pink, the company has recently added Gulf blue version.

In fact, Canon has launched the 2013 version of the Gulf Blue EOS M, color by Japanese designer Chie Morimoto, blue symbolizes the sea and brown land mean, now Canon again this color scheme transplant gave EOS M2.

EOS M2 released in December 2013, equipped with APS-C format 18 million pixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor, ISO range of ISO 100-12800, the built-in Wi-Fi.

30x optical zoom card machines, Canon SX700 HS Review

Portable telephoto camera is able to best solution as an entry-level home camera, which is its biggest feature is to provide high portability but also with a high zoom magnification lens, not to mention everyday shooting, for home users use it, it is the preferred equipment when traveling. Although the card machine is no longer popular, but portable telephoto cameras in the home user market is still very popular.

Canon SX700 HS uses 25mm wide angle and 30x optical zoom combined with an equivalent focal length equivalent to 25-750mm, but it also has a Multi SR Zoom function, the special needs, this feature can also be good to meet user telephoto needs while carrying iS optical image stabilizer. Both shooting scenes of vast scenes, more distant views can be presented in front of close.

Canon SX700 HS is equipped with 16.1 million effective pixels 1/2.3 inch high speed CMOS image sensor, and is equipped with the latest image processor DIGIC 6. The pictures bright, rich layers, either landscape or portrait are vivid and lifelike. The machine is the biggest bright spot lies in its wireless transmission function has been further improved, while two have NFC and WiFi communication module further strengthened, photo transfer and reliability of remote shooting. Even if the camera can also be easily taken away from the body, or when the self-timer photo shoot is absolutely weapon 一枚. Here we take a look at this camera looks it.

Canon SX700 HS overall appearance of the display

Canon SX700HS overall appearance of the stable atmosphere, tough and compact body design. The whole body with a metal material, stronger and more durable, but also the full sense of weight. Front of the camera, the handle portion protruding ergonomic shooting can grab the camera more stable and ensure the success rate of shooting.

Portable and efficient, is the first impression I got SX700 HS to it. With small pink elephant, can be more intuitive to see in the open state, all the stretching and contraction of the lens in the camera’s status. Portability is still quite good, oh. Compare Unfortunately, the SX700 HS uses 1060 mA lithium battery, battery life is slightly less, especially electricity consumed faster when shooting video, it is recommended that you buy a backup battery.

Canon SX700 HS menu description

Just contact this camera users, if you do not have a certain “playing machine” experience, may have a variety of professional and manual exposure mode button, Washing, etc., resulting in a confused feeling, just to figure out the aid Baidu meaning of these letters, the actual operation, SX700 HS is still very easy to use, menu interface option is not that much, the corresponding bit of the top of the dial twisting machine, you can get the desired mode, very convenient.

As can be seen, the Canon SX700 HS outstanding performance capabilities this camera shooting at the wide end, but to the most remote after 30 times zoom (750mm), the quality has dropped, but the success rate of AF telephoto end is not as wide-angle end, easy Focus unsuccessful situation. But as a home portable telephoto camera, shooting at night, but also to have such a performance is already not easy, for to do during the day, when lit, the effect is still very good.

Canon SX700 HS is not only has a powerful ability to take pictures, its camera capabilities are also very prominent, the upper body of a button camera and dual microphones, is that your handy when shooting video. In particular, its dual microphone design, very clear the scene to capture the sounds of the actual use of small series, the conclusion is that it’s definitely more than the same door cellular phones, full-frame SLR 5D3 more kind. Moreover, with 30 optical zoom lens, SX700 HS is entirely possible when a portable compact DV to use.

SX700 HS ISO test comparison stall

Canon SX700 HS is equipped with 16.1 million effective pixels 1/2.3 inch high speed CMOS image sensor, and is equipped with the latest image processor DIGIC 6. Sensitivity range from ISO 100 up to ISO 3200, then how Canon SX700 HS quality performance under different speed of it? Please let us look at the following test it.


Canon 1D X and upgrade transmission 5D Mark III next year

Northlight Images Canon is expected early next year will have to update two flagship professional SLR models, respectively, EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV. And we aggregated from NI EOS SLR schedule (below) can be seen, the senior full-frame SLR product cycle is about 12 quarters (up to 17), while the EOS-1D X, 5D3 will be updated to normal timeline. Sources pointed out that two new models will join the new EOS 7D Mark II sensor technology used.

EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III is Canon SLR camp’s two top products were released in October 2011, March 2012. The former is equipped with 18.1 million pixel full-frame CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 5 + image processing engine, the EOS 5D Mark III uses 22.3 million pixel full-frame CMOS sensor with DIGIC 5 + image processor.

Canon released a single dedicated micro Tamron 18-200mm lens new

Tamron released a mini interchangeable lens for Canon digital cameras * big zoom lens 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC, this lens is designed for owners of small and APC-C format SLR cameras of the same size image sensor Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera design.

Lens focal length of 18-200mm, weight 460g, 62mm filter diameter, this specifically for mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera with a big zoom lens designed for lightweight, compact features, while laudable equipped with Tamron VC (shake compensation) institutions, from 18mm wide angle to 200mm telephoto can easily handheld shooting. Uses two LD (low dispersion) lens, 3 aspherical glass lens casting, an XR (high refractive index) lens and a composite aspherical lens, to minimize color aberration.

18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC for the mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera tailored metallic design of black and silver options. AF drive motor uses a stepper motor way better contrast detection AF mode with the fuselage equipped to improve the AF performance when shooting video. And to support full-time manual focus function (DMF), after completion autofocus fine manual fine-tuning. New products expected to be available later this month, there were black and silver two versions, priced at 80,000 yen.