In case of ultra-small body sensor Panasonic GM5 outsole

September 16, 2014, digital imaging equipment biennial feast – German photokina 2014 exhibition officially opened. As the world’s largest and highest level of technology imaging equipment and technology exposition, and many other well-known manufacturers gathered here. The hummingbird network reported the mission luxury lineup team to participate in the photokina 2014 exhibition site reported.

Panasonic will be released a few days ago equipped with M4 / 3 system outsole portable digital camera GM1 upgraded version GM5 news spread like wildfire on the Internet, according to its explosive information on a product than the Panasonic GM5 GM1 has drastically changed, added EVF electronic viewfinder, adds a hot shoe flash and so on. Well-known news networks difficile true, we did not focus so much on this message, but make us surprise is that this product is in German photokina exhibition aiming at real real exhibited. Here’s the scene with readers and friends feel the next big end and the small stature of this collision products, Panasonic GM5.

As can be seen from the picture, the camera’s “small” is really worthy of the name, lack of palm-sized compact body, very portable. The basic layout of the keys to the right of the camera body for easy one-handed manipulation.

New entrants have 1.2 million pixel EVF electronic viewfinder GM5 affect its stature, but the whole body is more condensed, looks very retro van. And can also be equipped with a hot shoe flash GM5, equipped with an external flash GM5 very fresh and retro. Red and black color leather with let this compact DC, looks abnormal “light show.”

Slimming performance is not to lose weight

Performance, Panasonic GM5 uses a 16 million pixel M4 / 3 format CMOS sensor and the Venus processing engine to ensure that the texture of the screen shot, the sensitivity range ISO 100-25600 can also meet shooting under low light, the maximum shutter speed to 16000 seconds, continuous shooting speed of up to 6.5 / sec, shooting performance is very powerful.

Compared to GM1, GM5 the back of the screen to upgrade to 3 inches 920,000 pixel touch screen, the picture is more clear, color is also very comfortable. Meanwhile GM5 still built in Wi-Fi capability, with easy transfer between computers and camera phones and other products of the photo.

GM5 still interchangeable lens camera kit with a 12-32mm lens, aperture for shooting 3.5-5.6 basically meet all day on. We can replace the M43 lenses according to their preferences, together with GM5 released two new M43 lenses are Lumix G Vario 35-100mm f / 4.0-5.6 ASPH Mega OIS and LUMIX G 14mm f / 2.5 II ASPH, better able to give GM5 lens with the program.

Samsung NX1, take classes SLR touch flip screen design

photorumors exposure on Samsung’s upcoming single micro camera NX1 product photos, the aircraft is expected to be officially released today.

Judging from the picture NX1 will use class SLR-style design, shape slightly larger than the NX30, the use of magnesium alloy, all-weather protection level of the fuselage; using 1,030,006 thousand points three inches Super AMOLED touch screen flip, XGA EVF (OLED ).

Samsung NX1 will be equipped with 28.2 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor, hybrid AF focusing system; tracking AF continuous shooting speed of 15fps, built-in Wi-Fi support NFC connectivity, can record 4K video.

The new machine will be released together with the NX 50-150mm f / 2.8 OIS STM lens also appear together in product Chiu.

Pentax XG-1 telephoto digital camera reviews

Travel can be done more easily

Each time you change the lens to adjust the tripod each time, each time seemed so troublesome. Photography The result is a very easy thing very happy if every time we have to prepare and adjust the carrying spent, what favorite line photo travel or focus on bird ecology photography player is not have had such feelings? This issue reaches the site of the product is a Ricoh Pentax’s latest release of XG-1 telephoto type of digital camera, the focal length from the point of view feature is undoubtedly its greatest advantage, it has a 52X zoom magnification can be achieved after a surprise 24-1248mm this ultra long-range focal lengths, and this covers a wide angle to telephoto focal lengths, including almost all perspectives travel involved.

Main features Pentax XG-1 telephoto digital camera:

1, using about 16 million pixel CMOS sensor

2, converted 35mm equivalent focal length of 24-1248mm (52X)

3, Lens Construction 13 group 15 group (6 aspherical lens)

4, equipped with electronic viewfinder

5, about 460 000 3.0 inches LCD screen

6, sensor-shift image stabilization system

7, the body weight of about 539g

Continuation of the flagship K-3 appearance, body introduced

At first glance at first glance looks a bit XG-1 SLR Pentax K-3 flagship feel, and Big Brother has a texture like metal body, if you put it to admit I do not blame you – because feel really great. The highlight of course, not just its appearance, its focal length is very prominent, reaching a high long-range 52X zoom magnification, a 35mm focal length equivalent to a 24-1248mm! It is worth mentioning that the structure of the group, but its lens Pentax optical own independent research and development, using 15 13 group (6 aspherical lens) precision designs.

There are built-in flash on top of the fuselage, with the completion of the flash can help us better shooting in low light conditions, so a fill light brightening picture effect.

Area at the top right of the build-up mode dial, switch button, the shutter lever and a separate shortcut keys, this design in my being that I shoot with one hand to complete all of the control, but only if you want to play on at least period of time.

From off to boot and then the telephoto end of the 52X results we first appreciate, due to the focal length of the span is too long, so the zoom speed is not too fast, but did not lead to the long focal length lens barrel due to loose phenomenon, really and its shape like some ferocious ~, material material worthy of it will sell.

Indoor stadium lights in relatively weak, while the Pentax XG-1 machines have anti-shake compensation function, by turning off anti-shake image stabilization can be very intuitive and open feel of this camera is actually in a very slow speed so 1/13 By the completion of the final shooting.

Detached eyes viewfinder Detailed description

The back of the fuselage with EVF electronic viewfinder, this configuration for love birds ecology or travel players is helpful whenever we noon or backlit shot, a pale With EVF help, no worries altogether. About 460,000 3.0 inches LCD screen and not pixels high, fairly enough, the key focus area also has a non-slip thumb skin, around the same comfort grip.

Pentax XG-1 menu some alternative, no independent MENU menu, but with the “captain” of the three bars logo to identify, at the beginning so I have some senseless. Bias simple menu structure with traditional text-based, total is divided into five columns, the next might appreciate this Pentax menu and shoot interface XG-1′s.

Pentax XG-1 minimum sensitivity of only 100, up to 3200, by testing ISO at 100-400 are guaranteed a high quality purity, and when the ISO to 800, the sensitivity increased with the start screen slight noise, ISO1600 to 3200 when the picture noise seriously affected the overall picture detail. ISO800 recommend users to use as much as possible to ensure the purity of the screen below.

Sony Micro single α5100 Reviews

Sony α5100 big changes in the appearance of manipulation

Sony’s new products constantly recently, last month perfume bottle shape Self artifact KW1 bright spots, while last month, Sony also released a new single micro camera A5100, although you will see from the model mistakenly think this is A5000′s upgrade models, but did not actually release A5000 months, so it has little A5100 and A5000 natural relationship. Sony last year after the micro-camera incorporated into the “Alpha” system, so that we really puzzled some in the new models, but according to the positioning and performance of A5100′s point of view, he should be the last before the “milkshake” NEX-5T successor products. So far, Sony APS-C format micro-camera in the main primary entry A5000, A5100 locate the mainstream of higher order, while the high-end photography enthusiasts A6000 main product line gradually clear.

While Sony A5100 is a high order entry product, but compared to the previous NEX-5T, the A5100 has a huge leap in performance, because it is very close to the A6000 in the specifications, in addition to carrying about 24.3 million pixel CMOS sensor, the A6000 also supports enhanced hybrid auto-focus, with 179 points and 25-point phase detection AF contrast detection, such a powerful micro-focus performance in all current single, or even a flagship high-end products are also rare.

Approximately 24.3 million effective pixels Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor A5100 is equipped with advanced image processor BIONZ X, can show the details of your subject, to show the level of rich, get smoother images, but also for the high sense of control also has a great noise upgrade. On the other hand, Sony A5100 also supports common in 1080p Full HD AVCHD format video capture can also be XAVC S format shooting, the highest recorded stream up to 50Mbps, with a super-focus system can bring better video shooting experience , which at the same level of micro-ticket is already very high end.

Before Sony NEX-5R NEX-5T very popular and a big reason is because with a 180? Flipped Self screen, which is useful for the young consumers of mass destruction, so naturally not put the Sony A5100 a feature to fall. However, little wonder is, A5100 flip screen design using only a single axis flip, only upward vertical flip, and did not like the NEX-5T turned down to compose.

The Sony A5100 have a greater change in the shutter button, the same with the previous addition to the power switch and quick outside, A5100 will shutter button and zoom lever integrated together, if you are using E 16-50mm sleeve head or other E-mount power zoom head, you can quickly zoom operation by the zoom lever, and this way very much like we had to use the card machine, more than convenience we have liberated the other hand, one hand to complete the zoom.

The original NEX-5 series is no built-in flash has been the place where I am more resentment, though not a professional flash, but in some special circumstances are still very useful. But now finally join the A5100 flash, no longer external, and the pop-up design can be a good balance between portability, but also can put downward pressure on the flash, the flash can jump indoor shooting.

Just recently have got sets A5100 veteran NEX-5R, although the year is different, but the two micro-single in the positioning or similar. However, careful comparison of view, A5100 on buttons and controls to be more streamlined, not only removed the top of the Fn shortcuts, while multifunction dial also disappeared. Sony may consider for entry users, overly complex control methods but not conducive to shooting, but on the other hand, it should also to locate the gap opened with A6000 and intentional. Also, because the A5100 joined the built-in flash, so to be thicker than the NEX-5R some.

While on the set-top control layout is slightly simple, but the machine back button A5100 richer, the new addition to the lower right corner button for file deletion function outside but also for self-definition, while the machine is the default focus area selection shortcuts. In addition, the A5100 total black, white, brown three colors, especially when we get this new section added brown appearance is very eye-catching, hopefully this year Sony micro-camera in the popular king.

More professional video interface and the menu features a large upgrade

Let us look at the Sony A5100 menu. Since incorporated in “Alpha” system, the Sony Alpha Micro single lineage more concentrated, the best manifestation of change menu interface and structure, even higher-order entry positioning A5100 also has a single power with Sony Alpha and black card series of the same menu, and the icon of the district also needs to be adjusted to help us direct access to menu options bar.

Sony A5100 and A6000 using the same AF system, 179 high-density phase detection AF and fast intelligent contrast detection AF 25 AF points, covering a wider and more intensive focus area, and the focusing speed of approximately 0.07 seconds, and the need A5100 can also choose a different focus area according to the shooting.

The Sony A5100 enhance the performance of the most significant addition to the focus but also have video recording capabilities, it is the first Sony APS-C format can shoot single micro XAVC S format, the video stream can reach 50mbps, for picture detail and clarity are greatly improved, even A6000, even A7 / A7R do not have such a powerful video recording capabilities. And dangerous to facilitate the video on the phone, A5100 also supports dual recording feature enables dual video recording in AVCHD or XAVC S format and MP4 formats, the use of smaller video files, easily upload and share. So it seems, can not help but think of, is not after XAVC S video recording format will become the standard Sony camera yet.

Very satisfied with the ISO3200 quality performance within no pressure

A5100 equipped with Sony’s newly developed approximately 24.3 million effective pixels Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, and also used the full-frame and single micro A7 / A7R same image processor BIONZ X, its detail reproduction technologies to reduce the impact of technology and optimized diffraction noise reduction technology application areas, greatly enhance the picture quality. A5100 sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600, and this set of imaging systems in the previous A6000 has a very good performance, we are also looking forward to A5100 is not it also can bring us surprises.

From the screenshot above comparison of different ISO levels, the quality of the overall level of A5100 and A6000 have a prior consistent noise control performance at low to restore a sense of ISO 100-400 detail is very good, the black matte texture area well embody; and when sensitivity is raised only when the details of a slight decrease in ISO 800, but noise control is also good, how noise appears almost invisible. In ISO1600-3200, the details gradually declined under ISO3200 black matte texture has been completely blurred, but the noise is not very obvious, so in some special circumstances, I think that even with the high sensitivity ISO 3200 is not the problem.

Actual shooting at night, high sense of performance A5100 did not disappoint, the 100% zoom to see the building opposite the shop signs, although details are not very sharp, but did not appear serious noise or pseudo-color at such a high sense of ISO 3200, this is already a very good future.

180-degree flip screen, the Olympus TG-850

Olympus TG-850 is equipped with ultra-wide-angle 21mm, 5 x optical zoom lens, both in magnificent nature or when shooting in confined spaces, can play power. Additionally, the LCD on the back of the screen can be rotated 180 degrees, can be easily self-timer.

Olympus TG-850 can shoot pictures in rapid spread of smart phones, sent to the social network, and equipped with Art Filters enable anyone to simply shoot artistic effect. As well as a variety of functions, such as the ever-changing scenery were shooting interval shooting narrative, in order to get more interesting photos.

Panasonic will soon release the first M4 / 3 portable camera LX1000

From the beginning of the year, Panasonic will continue to spread until the first to release a non-Olympus interchangeable lens M4 / 3 portable camera, while the final point with a message machine: LX8.43R recent confirmation from highly reliable sources that DC models outsole accurate model for the LX1000 (echo FZ1000?), and is expected to release the next 4-5 days.

LX series represents the top level of the basic Panasonic portable camera technology, equipped with a zoom lens naturally in line with its tradition. Combined with earlier rumors, the new LX camera or the equivalent 24-90mm f / 2.0-2.8 lens, may also support 4K video.

Sony E bayonet or publish QX1 wireless camera module

Sony is expected to be released next month QX series wireless lens camera latest product QX30, however long ago, another model QX1 products appeared on the official page of the Russian certification body Novocert, more specifically, this is a paragraph interchangeable lens products.

Authentication information from the relevant point of view, QX1 model called the ILCE-QX1, “ILCE” that is not anti-Sony E bayonet prefix. SAR think, QX1 will be the first use of APS-C format sensor wireless E-mount lens camera. However, a little bit worried that people, in addition to a few paragraphs biscuits lens, the Sony E-mount lenses actually do not have the advantage of portability, relatively speaking only a few millimeters thick, the phone even more top-heavy.

2013, with Wi-Fi / NFC technology, Sony WX series card machine and RX100 imaging module stripped out, which introduced the QX series wireless lens camera. Its unique design and convenient way of framing a lot of really amazing in the industry.

To release version without LCD Leica digital rangefinder

There is no doubt that today’s people have become accustomed to the digital camera that was seen, had no flushing after that film era sense of joy to see the results. Ever since, the Leica select “change direction” walk. LR latest rumors show during Photokina Leica will launch a no LCD screen Assembly full of feelings of limited edition digital rangefinder camera.

It is learned that the camera uses the Leica M (typ 240) the same sensor module, body size but also with the latter approximation. In addition there is no LCD screen, it provides only this one kind of RAW photo formats, no video capabilities. The new camera will also simplify Handicaps / button design, and screen position in the original set up a separate sensitivity dial.

However, despite the look is a simplified version of the product, but the price has since Retro Love (bi) pregnant (ge) a lot of premium, LR The camera is expected to price even higher than M (typ 240).

Long exposure of the highlights, Nikon D810 official website released a statement

We have received some of the Nikon D810 digital SLR camera users is reflected in the overseas, long exposure shooting and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut when shooting bright spots on the image sometimes performed using D810.

Some data subsequent detection experiments we showed that when using the D810 to shoot long exposures and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut shot, there will be the occasional bright spots on the image.

Users who have purchased a Nikon D810, please contact the service department, will provide you with free services.

Inconvenience to you, in this we apologize.

To confirm D810 whether you purchased the product above phenomenon occurs, please check] [Product page product serial number input box and click the "Search" button to search within the affected serial number. If your camera serial number within the next treatment will be prompted to do this. If the product does not belong to this serial number inside, please rest assured that you continue to use this camera.

Please note that if the camera tripod screw hole at the bottom of the fuselage has a black dot, indicating that although the camera for the product serial number inside, but has been tested and adjusted in order to avoid a similar occurrence. So, if your camera has black spots, even after the query part of the product within this serial number, please rest assured that you continue to use this camera.

[Solution] If you purchased D810 above phenomenon, please contact your nearest Nikon service department. They will accept the camera image sensor parameters to be modified, and a firmware upgrade to solve the above problems. After long exposure shooting and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut shooting, the phenomenon highlights appearing on the image will be greatly reduced.

[Highlights] Because D810 on the image resolution and sharpness were substantially increased, even if the camera in the service sector received the above treatment, more than 30 seconds long exposure shooting, compared with the previous generation product, very under the circumstances may still appear less bright spots. In this case, you can open the D810′s long exposure noise reduction feature, you can further reduce the highlights of the phenomenon.

We sincerely express our deep apologies for this inconvenience to the user. We will make every effort to further improve product quality, we hope you continue to choose Nikon’s products.

High-speed Focus small micro-single, Sony A6000 kit

Sony α6000 biggest characteristic is to have the world’s fastest autofocus performance, only 0.06 seconds. Sony A6000 equipped with 24.3 million pixel APS-C format CMOS sensor, using and A7 / A7R as a new image processor BIONZ X, with improved noise reduction technology areas to achieve low noise and high resolution coexist, its sensitivity range achieved ISO 100-ISO 25600. Sony A6000 is a major highlight of the entire 179-point AF system covering not only the world’s fastest AF speed, and continuous shooting speed is greatly improved, up to 11 / sec.

A6000 is the first to support AF-A focus mode micro single camera can automatically select the AF-C or AF-S focus mode according to the subject is moving, whether it is static shooting subject is moving, the camera can not hesitate focus moments. A6000 is equipped with 1.44 million pixel OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder offers 100% frame coverage, and have folding screen, for many photographers habits, A6000 uses a mode dial and control wheel designs. In addition, A6000 also supports NFC one-touch function and PlayMemories camera applications, download and install these applications can enhance the camera’s capabilities.