Panasonic will soon release the first M4 / 3 portable camera LX1000

From the beginning of the year, Panasonic will continue to spread until the first to release a non-Olympus interchangeable lens M4 / 3 portable camera, while the final point with a message machine: LX8.43R recent confirmation from highly reliable sources that DC models outsole accurate model for the LX1000 (echo FZ1000?), and is expected to release the next 4-5 days.

LX series represents the top level of the basic Panasonic portable camera technology, equipped with a zoom lens naturally in line with its tradition. Combined with earlier rumors, the new LX camera or the equivalent 24-90mm f / 2.0-2.8 lens, may also support 4K video.

Sony E bayonet or publish QX1 wireless camera module

Sony is expected to be released next month QX series wireless lens camera latest product QX30, however long ago, another model QX1 products appeared on the official page of the Russian certification body Novocert, more specifically, this is a paragraph interchangeable lens products.

Authentication information from the relevant point of view, QX1 model called the ILCE-QX1, “ILCE” that is not anti-Sony E bayonet prefix. SAR think, QX1 will be the first use of APS-C format sensor wireless E-mount lens camera. However, a little bit worried that people, in addition to a few paragraphs biscuits lens, the Sony E-mount lenses actually do not have the advantage of portability, relatively speaking only a few millimeters thick, the phone even more top-heavy.

2013, with Wi-Fi / NFC technology, Sony WX series card machine and RX100 imaging module stripped out, which introduced the QX series wireless lens camera. Its unique design and convenient way of framing a lot of really amazing in the industry.

To release version without LCD Leica digital rangefinder

There is no doubt that today’s people have become accustomed to the digital camera that was seen, had no flushing after that film era sense of joy to see the results. Ever since, the Leica select “change direction” walk. LR latest rumors show during Photokina Leica will launch a no LCD screen Assembly full of feelings of limited edition digital rangefinder camera.

It is learned that the camera uses the Leica M (typ 240) the same sensor module, body size but also with the latter approximation. In addition there is no LCD screen, it provides only this one kind of RAW photo formats, no video capabilities. The new camera will also simplify Handicaps / button design, and screen position in the original set up a separate sensitivity dial.

However, despite the look is a simplified version of the product, but the price has since Retro Love (bi) pregnant (ge) a lot of premium, LR The camera is expected to price even higher than M (typ 240).

Long exposure of the highlights, Nikon D810 official website released a statement

We have received some of the Nikon D810 digital SLR camera users is reflected in the overseas, long exposure shooting and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut when shooting bright spots on the image sometimes performed using D810.

Some data subsequent detection experiments we showed that when using the D810 to shoot long exposures and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut shot, there will be the occasional bright spots on the image.

Users who have purchased a Nikon D810, please contact the service department, will provide you with free services.

Inconvenience to you, in this we apologize.

To confirm D810 whether you purchased the product above phenomenon occurs, please check] [Product page product serial number input box and click the "Search" button to search within the affected serial number. If your camera serial number within the next treatment will be prompted to do this. If the product does not belong to this serial number inside, please rest assured that you continue to use this camera.

Please note that if the camera tripod screw hole at the bottom of the fuselage has a black dot, indicating that although the camera for the product serial number inside, but has been tested and adjusted in order to avoid a similar occurrence. So, if your camera has black spots, even after the query part of the product within this serial number, please rest assured that you continue to use this camera.

[Solution] If you purchased D810 above phenomenon, please contact your nearest Nikon service department. They will accept the camera image sensor parameters to be modified, and a firmware upgrade to solve the above problems. After long exposure shooting and 1.2-fold (30×20) cut shooting, the phenomenon highlights appearing on the image will be greatly reduced.

[Highlights] Because D810 on the image resolution and sharpness were substantially increased, even if the camera in the service sector received the above treatment, more than 30 seconds long exposure shooting, compared with the previous generation product, very under the circumstances may still appear less bright spots. In this case, you can open the D810′s long exposure noise reduction feature, you can further reduce the highlights of the phenomenon.

We sincerely express our deep apologies for this inconvenience to the user. We will make every effort to further improve product quality, we hope you continue to choose Nikon’s products.

High-speed Focus small micro-single, Sony A6000 kit

Sony α6000 biggest characteristic is to have the world’s fastest autofocus performance, only 0.06 seconds. Sony A6000 equipped with 24.3 million pixel APS-C format CMOS sensor, using and A7 / A7R as a new image processor BIONZ X, with improved noise reduction technology areas to achieve low noise and high resolution coexist, its sensitivity range achieved ISO 100-ISO 25600. Sony A6000 is a major highlight of the entire 179-point AF system covering not only the world’s fastest AF speed, and continuous shooting speed is greatly improved, up to 11 / sec.

A6000 is the first to support AF-A focus mode micro single camera can automatically select the AF-C or AF-S focus mode according to the subject is moving, whether it is static shooting subject is moving, the camera can not hesitate focus moments. A6000 is equipped with 1.44 million pixel OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder offers 100% frame coverage, and have folding screen, for many photographers habits, A6000 uses a mode dial and control wheel designs. In addition, A6000 also supports NFC one-touch function and PlayMemories camera applications, download and install these applications can enhance the camera’s capabilities.

Biography Sony A99 II will carry 36 million pixel sensor

From 2013, Sony “fuselage refresh program” has undergone a significant tilt, during which Sony only released A58, A77 II two single power, but the number of E-mount camera is several times the single electricity.

SAR recently received a message from an anonymous source said, A99 successor models (tentative A99II) will be released in the near future. Configuration will use the same 36 million A7R pixel sensor, while the concern is that the camera will have the world’s fastest AF speed. Other features include: built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. Published together with the camera there may be a new 24-105mm G lens.

Olympus E-PL7 this month will release new single micro

Japanese company Olympus officially issued a circular, the circular said it would be held to “PEN Collection 2014″ as the theme of the trial activity during August 30-31. Activities include: PEN series cameras without anti new trial, OM-D series without anti-camera trial and accessories show.

It can be seen, Olympus will not be later than August 30 launch of PEN series of new products, namely the long-rumored E-PL7. Compare Unfortunately, the announcement did not mention the new OM-D and M4 / 3 portable camera, but the latest news from 43R indicate that the introduction of the Olympus E-M5 intentionally successor models in early 2015.

New triple Japan released a limited edition of the new Leica X2

According to Japanese media reports, the Leica Leica X2 recently released a set of machines in the region. The product is available in the form of limited edition, black and white version, 50 units. The quote for this product is 2.48 million yen.

In fact, this product is a set of machine configuration is not surprising, because the product contains the original handle fuselage + + to increase the original EVF viewfinder. It is said that these three products consisting of sets of machines, than buying three separate products cheaper around about 50,000 yen, it seems more cost effective.

Leica X2 is an upgraded version of the X1, is a portable type of APS-C format digital camera. The product uses a 16.2 million pixel CMOS sensor and an upgraded version of the AF system. In addition, it supports external 1.44 million-pixel “Viso-Flex” EVF electronic viewfinder, more convenient to use.

Relatively more affordable is the biggest selling point of this product, but we would think that, after the increase handle, Leica X2 camera will lose portability.

Sturdy high sensitivity, Sony micro-camera A7S detailed evaluation

Sony α7S Sony introduced a third full-frame single micro TM camera, and the camera previously introduced two products, the main direction of A7S is a video shoot. Also adopted a new specification of the sensor, the pixels is reduced to 12.2 million, while the maximum sensitivity can be achieved ISO409600, is one of the highest sensitivity of the camera, this evaluation is to say Sony Micro single TMA7S camera features.

A first post-test assessment

Sony Micro single TMA7S flagship video capture, though in appearance with other A7 series cameras the same, but the function of the bias is entirely different. A7S support 4K shooting, you need an external recording device with 4K support bit rates XAVC S format, video capture functionality by adding more professional options. Practicality is very high.

As a camera, Sony Micro single TMA7S sensor uses a new specification, not only to meet the video shoot, when the photo was taken is equally a strength, the maximum sensitivity reached 409,600, which is the highest current digital camera sensitivity specifications. Is no reverse camera first ISO reach 409,600 products. This can also be seen in Sony deployed on A7 series, A7 balanced performance, A7R flagship high-pixel, A7S main video and high sensitivity. For different market to the same type of three products.

Sony Micro single TMA7S very prominent selling point, but the feature is not prominent camera functions, focusing on high-sensitivity shooting, making this camera after using automatic ISO, you can shoot more freely, without the need to care too much ambient light limit . A7 compared to the other two products, the features of camera functions is obvious, night shot function needs to be very fond of friends Sony Micro single TMA7S.

Second, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S local details

Sony’s latest about 12.2 million effective pixel full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor, gapless chip lens technology to improve the photographic capabilities of the sensor, making this the highest sensitivity sensor can reach ISO409600, is one of the highest sensitivity camera , and another one with ISO409600 specification camera is Nikon D4S, would be below the sensitivity test for comparison of these two products. ISO409600 what is the use? Is able in a little bit of light handheld shooting will not shake blur. And A7S is a video dedicated machines, the advantages of high-sensitivity high-definition video shoot when there is a better play.

In appearance, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S styling is no difference with the other two products are very rigid design, with straight line, that some of the function keys and the turntable are also provided, and can be manipulated to achieve the SLR camera the same standards, provides nine customizable buttons, each function can be set to a key. Very convenient.

Sony Micro single ™ A7S interface is very complete and includes support for 4K lossless HDMI output interface, monitor and external microphone jack. In addition, A7S also comes standard with anti-pull interface box to prevent accidental interface to connect a number of external devices when used off. Details can be viewed Sony Micro single ™ A7S out of the box diagram Tour.

Sony Micro single ™ A7S comes standard with two batteries, the battery model is a single micro ™ camera the same years NP-FW50, strong commonality of visibility, two batteries are not out to provide a better video capture endurance, while also provide data cable and charger charging two programs, which A7 treatment in the other two products is not.

Third, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S Features

1, Silent shooting

Sony Micro single ™ A7S new features focused on video, so few new features on the camera, in addition to high sensitivity extend outside, you mute function more representative of the shooting. And other brands silent mode, the shutter does not modify the movement to achieve, A7S mute shutter shooting is absolutely no action to shoot only powered by the sensor records the way, so there is no sound during shooting. This is a great breakthrough.

Silent shooting can be used in many places, for example in the shooting conferences, concerts and other occasions, shot entirely not occur more suitable for this occasion. The above video you can see, the mute A7S shot after pressing the shutter button, click on the picture frame finished shooting, mechanical shutter and will not participate in the shooting. So to achieve a silent shooting. Of course Sony Micro single ™ A7S silent shooting mode is limited, in silent mode, the minimum ISO of 100, can not be extended downward, you can not use flash photography, you can not use a picture profiles and more. Silent mode can only be shooting pictures infrastructure mode.

2, Picture Profiles

Picture profiles are used to adjust the picture latitude, S-Log2 gamma setting function, the ability to expand the dynamic range of about 1300%, reducing overexposure and lack of dark portions of the phenomenon. Sony Micro single ™ A7S is the configuration file to adjust the picture settings. But at the highest PP7 options, the lowest ISO 3200, for shooting video some restrictions.

Image profile feature is a new feature for the video shoot, you can keep the details as much as possible to improve the picture tolerance. Low saturation partial gray screen, and then in post-production for retouching. This feature can also be used to take pictures, but the minimum inconvenience ISO3200 does shoot on. Although A7S under ISO3200 there is not much noise, but when shooting in daylight requires subtraction light microscopy in order to use a large aperture shot.

Fourth, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S basis of test

Sony Micro single biggest upgrade ™ A7S photographed aspects that enhance the high sensitivity, the highest ISO409600 people have to think of the first to realize the camera Nikon D4S, these two products for comparison is an interesting thing. We are all full-frame products, but also the pixels are not prominent product is assessed by the two products. Noise at low light-sensitive two machines are well under control, the Nikon D4S some more clean. And we look at the highest ISO, Nikon D4S will find the highest two tranches under ISO Sony Micro single ™ A7S have a worse effect, the picture is grainy and strong, and there is significant color cast. But in most of the sensitivity, the Nikon D4S able to maintain a high purity of the screen until the ISO higher than 102,400, have significantly reduced image quality. A7S is when the ISO higher than 6400, there is obvious noise, but the roughness of the picture and not because of the improvement and substantial ISO worse, even under ISO409600, the picture is still a certain practicality, grainy can endure.

Details of the performance, the Sony Micro single ™ A7S in full ISO range can maintain good sharpness, and not because of the sensitivity increase, decline in quality and softens the details, even the highest ISO shooting, the letters on the memory still recognizable. In contrast, the Nikon D4S obvious signs of high sensitivity noise reduction, do not erase the picture detail, more powerful.

Solid screen easier to see under the difference between the two. Sony Micro single ™ A7S noise at lower ISO when it appeared, but in ISO continuous improvement process, the particles did not have much to increase the screen, while the Nikon D4S in ISO51200 less able to maintain a high purity, but in the ultra-high ISO, image quality drops significantly, and full screen pseudo-color, practicality low.

Hoya develops high-precision lens processing technology, can improve focus accuracy

Japanese optical equipment maker Hoya (HOYA Corporation) developed an improved focusing accuracy shooting zoom digital camera lens. Hoya company improve the machining accuracy of the lens thickness of the intermediate portion. Focus will be used to reduce the errors alleged to multi-piece lens when the current product is 1/5. Hoya said first mass production will begin in August, and strive to achieve within two years of production 2 million per month.

Digital camera lens to be used more generally lenses, if it is a high-performance zoom lenses 10-20 will be used up. Allegedly, the processing now 35mm lens diameter, the maximum deviation of the center of the thickest portion of the lens may reach 0.05mm, the development of new lens Hoya deviation is reduced to 0.01mm.

Lens for digital camera is often used as a glass material with a square cut after grinding was punched into a circle. By adjusting the thickness of the lens is then polished to form a convex mirror.

Hoya through improved stamping process, the grinding decline to the current 1/3 less. Polished reduced, so that the processing of the lens can be the center of the thickest part of the lens.

Hoya will present new products and products with the same price. At present the digital camera manufacturers are by adjusting the lens to correct the internal mechanical structure focus error, but by using the new lens, camera manufacturers to design interchangeable lens camera will be easier.